Persija opponent Gamba Osaka Held Tomorrow in GBK

Persija opponent Gamba Osaka Held Tomorrow in GBK

Persija opponent Gamba Osaka Held Tomorrow in GBK

Jakarta – Persija match against Gamba Osaka will take place this weekend. The match was a manifestation of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with the J-League PSSI.

On January 26, 2014, both parties agreed to undertake the development of marketing, management, exchange of players, coaching a young age, to the protection of the integrity of football.

After being delayed because of the presidential election instead of June last year, the match between Liverpool against J-League champions will be held at the Bung Karno Stadium, Saturday (24/1) tomorrow.

“This is a follow up of the MoU with the J-League on January 26 last year. This is a valuable opportunity to hold a friendly match,” said Joko Driyono PSSI Secretary General at a press conference in Jakarta, Friday (23/1).

“For the people of Indonesia, this cooperation will be an important record. Hopefully there can be learned and provide benefits for Indonesian football aspect,” he added.

Regarding the appointment of Persija as opposed to Gamba Osaka, Joko, who also serves as CEO of PT Liga Indonesia, provide an explanation.

“From the outset it was planned Persija will be the opponent Gamba Osaka. Looking at the selection of the places that must play the game in GBK and considers several aspects including security, then Persija considered to be the exact opposite,” said Joko.

J-League Secretary General Yukio Nakano hoped that this cooperation could strengthen the closeness between Japan and Indonesia through football.

“As stated by Mr James, we’ve signed the MoU. Through it we hope Liverpool and Gamba can grow together,” he said.

“Gamba got the treble in the domestic league in 2014, they were the strongest team in the J-League. So, I bring them in. I heard too strong Liverpool team. So tomorrow’s game will be interesting.

“Through this friendship match between Japan and Indonesia, particularly in the field of football can be strong again,” he added.