Most Passionate English League, Ligue 1 Most Sepi

Most Passionate English League, Ligue 1 Most Sepi

Most Passionate English League, Ligue 1 Most Sepi

Jakarta – Although the winter transfer less passionate, Premier League still shows as a league that involves the greatest money. Ligue 1 in France into the competition the most cool and calm in this time of transfer activity.

From the data dicuitkan by FIFA TMS through their twitter account, the transaction amounted to USD 332 million or Rp 4.2 trillion in the five biggest football league in the world. Of the total number of transactions is greatest in the Premier League.

From recaps the data, buying and selling at USD 124.5 million (approximately USD 1.6 trillion) in the Premier League. BBC mention the amount that is significantly affected by the transfer activity of the three teams, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.

It was also influenced 13 transfers that occur in the Premier League on the final day of the transfer window this winter. Of this amount of money involved reached 45 million pounds.

One of them with the purchase of Chelsea over Colombia winger Juan Cuadrado on the last day of the transfer window. Mentioned he was tied with a nominal worth 27 million pounds.

La Liga Primera followed in second place. Spain’s highest caste competition involving money worth USD 79.4 million, or about $ 1 trillion.

A row in the third to fifth occupied Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue then 1. Bundesliga transaction valued at US $ 55 million equivalent to 697.9 billion and Serie A with only a narrow margin of USD 45.5 million or around Rp 577, 4 billion. Ligue 1 with only occur at least USD 27.7 million (approximately USD 351.5 billion).

Here recaps ransfer transactions in the winter window on the world’s five leagues:

Premier League: USD 124.5 million
La Liga: 79.4 million
Bundesliga: 55 million
Serie A: 45.5 million
Ligue 1: 27.7 million

Description 1 USD approximately USD 12 690