Problem ISL, Menpora Ask DPR Also Listen Explanation BOPI

Problem ISL, Menpora Ask DPR Also Listen Explanation BOPI

Problem ISL, Menpora Ask DPR Also Listen Explanation BOPI

Jakarta – Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi reiterated his attitude about schedules Indonesia Super League (ISL) in 2015. He also asked Parliament to hear an explanation Sports Agency of Indonesia (BOPI) in order to obtain balanced information.

PSSI and Indonesian League complained to Parliament on Monday (02/23/2015) yesterday, related to the decline of the kick-off of ISL in 2015 due to not discharge recommendation of BOPI.

After the meeting, PT League and representatives of 18 clubs next ISL BOPI office to re-ask certainty about the recommendation. As a result, the meeting was still deadlocked.

One meeting in the House of Representatives held a moment immediately after the impasse. Facilitated by the Vice Chairman of the Welfare Coordinator, Fahri Hamzah, a meeting was held in the office of the House.

Impromptu press conference held immediately after the meeting in the House of Representatives. As a result, there is an agreement ISL will begin on April 4.

In the process, BOPI and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, made a clarification that the recommendation was not given despite the kick-off of the ISL has been set on April 4.

Kemenpora and BOPI reiterated that ISL will get a recommendation if required things like salary arrears-free letter, proof of payment of taxes, and the player’s contract, already attached.

Problem mediation conducted by the House of Representatives, Imam hope bring BOPI explanation also be heard. It was that information obtained by the House of Representatives about the ISL be complete.

“I think Mr. or Mrs. in the House also have to listen to the explanation BOPI so that the information is balanced,” said Imam told reporters via Messsenger, Tuesday (02/24/2015).

“For me it is important the terms are met first. The case dates kick-off, tomorrow was allowed,” he added.