Sevilla Will Not Play Closed at the Santiago Bernabeu

Sevilla Will Not Play Closed at the Santiago Bernabeu

Sevilla Will Not Play Closed at the Santiago Bernabeu

Madrid – Come to the headquarters of Real Madrid, Sevilla confirms will hunt full points. Therefore the coach, Unai Emery, has prepared his team to serve the host of the game open.

Sevilla and Madrid will face each other at the Santiago Bernabeu on Thursday (02/05/2015) pm dawn later in La Liga. Looking at the two positions in the standings board, worthy is expected that the game will run with exciting and tight.

Madrid is still top the standings with 51 of 20 matches. While Sevilla have 42 points from the same number of matches.

Shown at home certainly provides a great advantage for Madrid. With the quality of the squad that can not be doubted plus the support of fans, Emery realized his team had to work hard if they want to reach the full amount.

Although Los Blancos still have to perform without Cristiano Ronaldo who can ban the play, the line of attack Madrid is still very capable of scoring goals. Call it the figure of Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, and James Rodriguez, who has a special ability of the individual.

Emery hopes defensive line played well in the game later. But that does not mean he will perform a defensive approach, it is ready to play open to hunt down the full amount.

“We play every game to win. The quality of our opponents will obviously affect our chances to win, but we do not think about anything else except play and win,” said Emery quoted Football Espana.

“We know the difficulty faced Madrid in their stadium, but our mentality just to cope with it. It is clear that the ability of a very good line of attack Madrid at the Bernabeu, so our defense should be just as good. But you can not win if you do not build an attack, we also have to consider that, “he added.