Still Hampered in Europe, Tristan Alif Sowan to Menpora

Still Hampered in Europe, Tristan Alif Sowan to Menpora

Still Hampered in Europe, Tristan Alif Sowan to Menpora

Jakarta – Opportunity Tristan Alif Naufal talented players to join the academy of Ajax Amsterdam constrained. Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi promising solution after the boy’s parents describe existing obstacles.

Monday (2/16/2015) afternoon, accompanied by Sesmenpora Alfitra Salamm Affairs and Special Staff Muhammad Khusen Joseph received Tristan Alif, his father Ivan Trianto, and Irma Lansano at Floor 10, Kemenpora, Jakarta. To Affairs, Ivan spoke about the problems being faced.

“We need a residence permit in the Netherlands for the whole family can join in order Alif or Feyenoord Ajax academy. So, now it takes just that (residence permit), we hope that the government would help the process, including the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands,” said Ivan as a release sent to detikSport.

“Alif not need a trial or test for college admissions Ajax. It’s a great opportunity and not easily available. The coaches and officials Ajax really hope Alif has returned to the Netherlands, in March 2015,” said Ivan.

Imam promised to coordinate with the relevant range, in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I appreciate the achievements Alif now, as a child he was very proud nation of Indonesia. Therefore, the government will help as much as possible to realize the ideals of Alif become world-class players who could be the name of the nation,” said Imam.

Alif it had been in the Netherlands. He has twice received an invitation to practice together Eredivisie, Ajax Amsterdam. Alif could steal row Ajax coaches and officials.

Alif even crowned as the Most Valuable Player in Ajax International Camp 2014. The event was attended by 250 children from 20 countries aged 8-16 years. Alif also be the Best Player in the 1V1 category, which makes it more kid nine years has a plus. Alif became the first Asian player to win the award

“Ajax International Camp so prestigious event in the Netherlands, and Ajax was already known to have named De Toekomst academy, which is the best football academy in the world by FIFA,” said Ivan again.

Alif touted advantages similar to Lionel Messi. Namely, had the talent and style dribble same.