Bale Wins Madrid over Levante

Bale Wins Madrid over Levante

Bale Wins Madrid over Levante

Madrid – Real Madrid bagged three points to end the barrage of negative results after beating Levante 2-0. Gareth Bale was the star scooped victory Real Madrid team goals.

This victory distanced Madrid with Barcelona at the top. Madrid sits in second with 64 points, one point adrift of their arch-rivals that while L evante still in the relegation zone in 18th position with 25 points.

In the match at the Santiago Bernabeu which finished on Monday (16/03/2015) pm dawn, Bale creates goals Madrid victory in the first round.

Overall, Madrid dominated the game by controlling possession in the ratio of 67:33 with Levante.

Madrid also has a total of 22 experiments to make a goal but only six that leads to the target as well as two other attempts hit the goalpost. Meanwhile, Levante could not do much despite having eight experiment but not one that leads to the target.

For Madrid this is their first victory after offset Villarreal 1-1, bent Athletic Bilbao 0-1 (La Liga), and a 3-4 defeat of Schalke in the Champions League. In the next game, Carlo Ancelotti’s squad will face El Clasico.

The game

The referee annulled the goal Benzema utilizing a wild ball from Luca Modrid kicking distance in the 15th minute. Because, Benzema was already stuck in an offside position.

The long-awaited goal of Madrid finally born three minutes later. Ronaldo secured overhead kick at the goal line, the ball rebounds Bale arrives at the foot of which ended with a kick to the far post to bring Madrid 1-0 lead.

Madrid likely to increase the score in the 28th minute. Bale did penetarasi on the right side before releasing crossing into the penalty box. Simao had touched the ball and hit the crossbar before secured goalkeeper Diego Marino.

Madrid onslaught led to the second goal that occurred in the 40th minute. Starting from the free kick, Modrid sent the ball to Ronaldo Carvajal forwarded to kick to the far post. Bale feet had touched the ball before it went into the goal Levante. Madrid now 2-0.

In the second half, Benzema missed a chance to score the third goal Madrid in the 64th minute. Ronaldo cross from the right, greeted Benzema with a backheel foot shot that hit the goalpost.

Three minutes later, Bale send feedback of a drag near the goal line. However, the ball failed to meet Ronaldo, who was standing in the penalty box after intercepted Ramis.

Luck has not sided with Ronaldo after scoring back his efforts failed. Puncture Ronaldo ended with a tight shot on the edge of the penalty box, but can still be defeated Marino.

Substitute Javier Hernandez welcome Marcelo beautiful free kick with a header that was wide. Levante dangerous counterattack but El Zhar unmarked failed to completion.


REAL MADRID: Navas, Carvajal, Pepe Ramos, Marcelo, Lucas Silva, Modric (Illarramendi 77 ‘), Isco (Jese 69’), Bale, Benzema (Hernandez 81 ‘), Ronaldo

LEVANTE: Marino, Lopez, Ramis, Navarro, Tono, Simao, Camarasa, Morales (Ruben 58 ‘), Barral, Xumetra (El Zhar 58’), Uche (Casdesus 75 ‘)