Heat-Valencia Atletico week 25th La Liga

Heat-Valencia Atletico week 25th La Liga

Heat-Valencia Atletico week 25th La Liga

Jakarta – Atletico Madrid and Valencia, occupant position three and four La Liga standings, will face each other in the 25th week. While Real Madrid and Barcelona Athletic Bilbao tested entertain Rayo Vallecano.

Vicente Calderon will be a contest of hot Atletico and Valencia on Monday (09/03/2015) pm dawn. The difference is only one point between them makes the game tighter predictable. As the host, Atletico certainly will desperately securing third position while keeping a distance with Barcelona in the order of two.

Note the last five meetings put Atletico in a superior position. Foster care Diego Simeone won three victories in that period and only lost one time. However, the only defeat plucked at the latest meeting, precisely in October last year.

After the weekend just to get a 0-0 draw cons Sevilla, Atletico believed to want to get up. Los colchoneros certainly do not want five points difference with Barça in second place so bigger. Instead, Valencia would not be wasted on opportunities to pass Atletico.

Meanwhile, at the other party challenging Madrid get the game in Bilbao on Sunday (8/3) pm dawn. Madrid true dominant over the opponent, unbeaten in the last five meetings with a record of four wins and one draw. But there is no guarantee of action would be easy.

In fact Los Blancos weekend draw with Villarreal. Moreover, Bilbao is in pretty good moment, after losing just once in the last five games in the league. In that period, they won three victories in two of which are picked in the last two games.

Three points are required if you do not want to be picked Madrid Barca increasingly suppressed. Lead the standings with 61 from 25 games, they are just two points ahead of Lionel Messi et al. The second ladder.

As Madrid, Barca also get a relatively easy opponent. Blaugrana will host Vallecano at Camp Nou on Sunday (8/3) evening hrs. On paper duly Barca did not trouble. They are very dominant in the meeting record in the last five games, with always win. Children Catalan even capable of scoring 20 goals and conceding only one time.