MU wins at Anfield So happiest day for Juan Mata

MU wins at Anfield So happiest day for Juan Mata

MU wins at Anfield So happiest day for Juan Mata

Jakarta – Juan Mata became a hero in Manchester United’s victory over Liverpool last night. The players are satisfied abysmal because the positive results achieved through the MU appearance sip.

Manchester United’s success embarrass Liverpool 2-1 at Anfield on Sunday (03/22/2015) night. Juan Mata was the star of the victory of the Red Devils. He made two goals, first in the 14th minute and then in the 59th minute.

Liverpool have lost one player while the second half has not passed the 46th minute. But, Liverpool even more pressing and Daniel Sturridge is able to shorten the distance with a goal in the 69th minute. Score unchanged at the end of the game.

Eyes are derived from the first minute is not much make experiments. Of the two attempt is made, he translated into a two-goal anyway. Whoscored noted throughout the game, Mata makes 90 touches the ball, passing accuracy 91.8% and 90 duel in the air.

Ex-Chelsea midfielder could not cover the excitement after the game. He was content to bring Manchester United win the game okay and mengamaankan MU in the top four positions.

“The game was massive for both teams because of the position in the standings board, also rivalry and the history of the club. I think this became the happiest day since I wore jersey United. I feel incredible scored two goals. I’m happy with the fans, teams, and performance , also three points, “Mata said as quoted by the official club website.

“The second goal is sweeter, passing right from Angel di Maria and I’m just trying struck the ball with my touch, my best manner. After Steven Gerrard was sent off, we needed a second goal because they actually put pressure on us until the end of the game.

“The result was really important to me. It’s been the last couple of months I did not feel the best moment. It all depends on the manager’s decision but I’m really happy today,” explained the Spanish international.