Took part in the defeat of Inter, Carrizo Apologize

Took part in the defeat of Inter, Carrizo Apologize

Took part in the defeat of Inter, Carrizo Apologize

Wolfsburg – Inter goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo, apologizing for mistakes he made in the match against VfL Wolfsburg. The errors contribute to make Inter lost 1-3 at home to the opponent.

In a match that took place at the Volkswagen Arena on Friday (13/3) pm dawn, Inter ahead goal by Rodrigo Palacio when the game has been running for six minutes.

However, Wolfsburg can turn things around by scoring three goals against Carrizo. The third goal was created by Naldo in the 28th minute, and two goals from Kevin De Bruyne, respectively in the 63rd minute and the 76th.

De Bruyne first goal in the game originated from Carrizo error. Intends to give the ball to Juan Jesus, Carrizo pass the ball too slowly.

Impact, Vieirinha could capture it and send feedback to De Bruyne inside the Inter penalty box. Through a right leg kick, De Bruyne necessarily make goalkeeper Carrizo collapse.

“I am one gives pass to Juan Jesus and goals that make them excited,” said Carrizo told Inter Channel.

“Unfortunately, the risk of making mistakes is part of this work and I have to accept it. Before I make mistakes, they do not much harm us.”

Despite losing, Carrizo confident that Inter can turn things around in the second leg. With an away goal, Inter’s chances are not fully discharged. Leg II itself will be held on 19 March in the Giuseppe Meazza.

“We have to think positive, we still could open opportunities.”

“With the support of the fans, we hope to show the best performance,” said Carrizo.