Got a lot of opportunities, Roma Main draw 0-0 with Maziya

Got a lot of opportunities, Roma Main draw 0-0 with Maziya

Got a lot of opportunities, Roma Main draw 0-0 with Maziya

Jayapura – While generating a lot of chances throughout the game, Roma missed a goal against his, Maziya Sports & Recreation. The match ended in a 0-0 draw.

In a match that took place at Mandala Stadium, Tuesday (14/4) afternoon CET, Roma appeared dominant since the beginning. Boaz Solossa et al. targets themselves to achieve full points. However, this was a 0-0 draw was enough to bring the Roma qualify from Group E. Currently, Roma leads the standings with 10, while Maziya was third with a value of 4.

Shown with a trio Robertino Pugliara, Zulham Zamrun, and Boaz on the front lines, Roma get a lot of chances in the first half. Zulham at least had two good chances in the first half of the fight.

In the 11th minute, forward who dyed her hair blond is releasing a dribble kick after a moment. Bad luck for Zulham, his shot was off target.

About a half hour running game, Zulham again get a chance. This time, he received the ball in the penalty box. After outwit an opponent defender, Zulham was faced with the opponent goalkeeper. Damn her again, this time his shot bounced.

The first half ended with a goalless position.

In the second half, Roma returned to dominate the game. Roma’s first chance in the second half obtained by Boaz in the 50th minute. However, kick captain ‘Team Black Pearl’ is still rising.

Shortly thereafter, turn Nelson Alom who get a chance. However, kick Alom still thin on the side of the goal Maziya.

Zulham also again get a chance to score. After outwit several defenders Maziya, Zulham move to the left side. From there, he left foot kick off flat. However, once again kick off.

Pressure by the pressure force Maziya waged Roma persists in his own penalty box. Roma itself several times tried to shot from outside the box. However, goalkeeper Maziya, Imran, some times can dispel kick Roma players.

Imran also had made two straight from the kick Boaz and also Gerald Pangkali. Significantly, there is no goal that is created for the Roma, but only a corner alone.

Until the long whistle sounded, the score remained 0-0.