Griezmann Two Goals, Overcome Elche Atletico 3-0

Griezmann Two Goals, Overcome Elche Atletico 3-0

Griezmann Two Goals, Overcome Elche Atletico 3-0

Madrid – Antoine Griezmann to be a hero when host Atletico Madrid Elche. French international striker scored two goals and bring his team won 3-0.

Atletico appear dominant when entertaining Elche at the Vicente Calderon on Saturday (25/04/2015) night. They excel possession 54% -46% and more to create opportunities.

A total of 18 shots were fired protege Diego Simeone in which nine of them on target. While Elche has 13 trials with only three that led to the goal.

However, Atletico took 55 minutes before Griezmann broke the deadlock. Raul Garcia then doubled the lead in the 63rd minute. Griezmann closed the win with another goal in the 77th minute.

With this victory, Atletico are now collecting 72 value of 33 weeks of La Liga and is still sitting in the top three standings. They left behind four points from Real Madrid who play 32 times. While Elche has not moved from position 14 with 34 points from 33 matches.

The game

Atletico Elche directly threaten the goal at minute 12. Siqueira Guillherme cross from the left side volley kick greeted by Raul Garcia on the right in the penalty box. The pace of the ball successfully pushed Przemyslaw Tyton.

Other efforts of Garcia created in the 19th minute. Back forward cross Siqueira, his shot this time also able to anticipate Tyton.

Not long hose, turn Tiago Mendes who pose a threat to Elche with a header. Still rising.

In the 23rd minute, Diego Godin get slick opportunities in front of goal while welcoming the feed side of a corner Koke. Not meet the target because it is still thin on the crossbar.

Elche responded five minutes later. Pedro Mosquera kick from outside the penalty box only thin on the right side of the goal.

Garcia back to get a chance at the 38th minute. Again, this time through the efforts that successfully secured Tyton header. Not long after, Fernando Torres also spread the danger. Kick off slightly to the right of the goal.

A chance of Godin closed the first half. Header welcomes cross Gabi secured by the goalkeeper. No goals throughout the first 45 minutes.

A minute second-half run, Atletico immediately get a chance. Antoine Griezmann Siqueira welcomes cross in the penalty box, it’s just still thin glide over the bar.

In the 48th minute, Torres received a through pass on the right and surged into the penalty box. Dealing one on one with the goalkeeper, shot still legible and only a corner kick.

Atletico finally broke the deadlock in the 55th minute. Initially Koke direct kick into the net forward Juanfran cross. But the ball pushed Tyton.

Luckily for Atletico, Griezmann in the right position to welcome the ball bounce. With the head, the French international struck the ball into the goal.

Garcia doubled the lead in the 63rd minute. His left leg kick from outside the penalty box could not be stopped by Tyton.

Ten minutes later, Elche counter the threat. Kick Adrian welcome sodoran of Coro thin leads to the left goalpost January Oblak.

Atletico continued pressure and fruitful third goal in the 77th minute. Saul Niguez working hard in the penalty box Elche and won mastery of defenders. From the right side, then pass to Griezmann Saul in front of goal and with one flick melesakkannya into the goal.

Two minutes later, Tiago curled a shot from the left side. Still a little bit on the right side of the goal.

In the last 10 minutes, Elche doing some pressure. Coro kick in the 82nd minute pushed Oblak. Two minutes later, Adrian kick from distance also capable secured the Atletico goalkeeper.

Alvaro provide another pressure for Atletico in the first minute of injury time. But it is able to be read by Oblak. While Adrian’s header shortly afterwards from very close range just off to the left. The match ended goalless other.


Atletico: Oblak, Jesús Gámez, Gime; nez, Godin, Siqueira (Juanfran 48 ‘); Tiago, Gabi, Koke, Raúl García (Saul 69 ‘); Griezmann (Jimenez 80 ‘), Fernando Torres

Elche: Tyton, Enzo Roco, Cisma, Samu Martínez, Rafa Galvez, Mosquera (Arques 86 ‘), Adrián, Rodrigues (Alvaro 73’), Coro, faycal, Jonathas (Herrera 78 ‘)