Rooney Natural Knee Injury

Rooney Natural Knee Injury

Rooney Natural Knee Injury

Liverpool – bad news accompanies defeat at the hands of Manchester United 0-3 Everton. Attacker flagship captain, Wayne Rooney, known to a knee injury.

Rooney played as a starter when MU challenging Everton at Goodison Park in a match that finished on Sunday (26/4) night. However, he failed to finish the game after being replaced Robin van Persie in the final minutes.

The 29-year-old footballer was seen clutching his knee with ice pack while sitting in the stands. Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal confirmed that Rooney’s injury is not yet known how bad though.

“Yes, Rooney injured,” said Van Gaal told MUTV.

“He’s getting an injection in his knee, so now we have to wait and see how serious the injury.”

Rooney certainly not expected to be a long pull. MU requires him to wade through four games in the rest of this competition against West Brom (H), Crystal Palace (A), Arsenal (H), and Hull City (A).

Rooney is the sharpest player in the club with a donation 12 goals and five assists in the Premier League.